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Whether you’re relocating to London, Australia, Canada, Singapore, the UK, US or any country from Dubai, Movguru is the one step solution for your move for relocating from Dubai! Relocating from Dubai can be a stressful experience but it shouldn’t be. Movguru is always there to help you with your move from Dubai, from the initial planning stage to all the way through packing, moving, clearing shipments at customs and ensuring the delivery of your stuff to your doorstep.

Relocation from Dubai

Relocating to another country from Dubai involves much more headache than simply packing. If you do not plan your relocation from Dubai to UK in advance, you may have to face many difficulties when you reach to the destination country. Movguru has designed a checklist to make your relocation from Dubai simpler:

  • UAE visa cancellation has to be the first thing on your Relocation from Dubai to UK checklist. As soon as you know that you will be relocating from Dubai, you must inform your employer. You must cancel your visa as well as your dependents’ visas before relocating from Dubai.
  • Before relocating from Dubai clear your debts and sort out your finance.
  • Close your Dubai based bank accounts before you relocate from Dubai unless you think that you will use them.
  • Make sure that you and your family get medical examinations while relocating from Dubai and take a copy of the results with you.
  • If you are staying in the rented apartment in Dubai, inform your landlord well in advance before your relocation from Dubai as under many contracts you require to give advance notice of several months.
  • Sell anything that you are not taking along while relocating from Dubai.
  • Settle / Cancel your utilities: electricity, gas, oil, water, telephone and internet the moment you have decided to relocate from Dubai.
  • Pay all outstanding bills and loans before you relocate UK from Dubai.

Make Movguru your relocating partner from Dubai and we will take care of all your moving stress.

Relocation from Dubai to UK
Relocation from Dubai
Relocation from Dubai to UK
Relocation from Dubai