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Moving to UK from Dubai – People from Dubai continues to look to the London UK as a place to relocate. Whether for work, study, investment or to join your family, Movguru is always there for you to provide immediate help & assistance with your move from Dubai to London UK. If you’re considering moving to the UK from Dubai, do have a look at our guide dedicated towards your move to uk from Dubai.

The British people are generally friendly and welcoming and polite to new arrivals. When moving to the UK from Dubai, you require the following documents for importing Household Goods and Personal Effects:

  • Copy of passport
  • Transfer of residence document (approved)
  • Detailed Packing list in English
  • Bill of lading / AWB

Moving to uk from Dubai In general the temperature of the UK is cool and often cloudy and rainy quite opposite to the temperature of Dubai, which is generally hot desert climate.

Talking about the cost of living of the UK, The United Kingdom hosts large numbers of expats. Many of the expats choose a life in the capital, London, which is quite expensive. Rents, in particular, push up overall spending - but day to day expenses tend to be higher too. If you are relocating to other cities of the UK, such as Glasgow, Cardiff, Manchester or Birmingham, to live then the expenses will be relatively cheaper. Life in smaller town or villages of the UK typically comes with a much smaller price tag than in the large cities.

Moving from Dubai

To make your move hassle free Movguru is just a click away to get you professional international movers to ease your relocation from UK to Dubai.

What are the charges for moving from Dubai to UK?

Various services are required if one wants to relocate from Dubai to the UK. A lot of money is spent on services such as packing and unpacking, shipping cost, transportation, weight and volume of goods, destination location, customs and handling charges and many more. Moving to UK from Dubai can become very expensive.

Thus we at Movguru, have partnered with international relocation companies. These companies are certified and have a valid license. They provide you with the best relocation services at an affordable price. Once you fill the form you get 4-5 quotes from different relocation companies. These quotes are simple and easy to understand.

Thus if you are thinking of moving from Dubai to anywhere in UK choose Movguru. We provide all relocation services under one roof. We are the best movers in Dubai to the UK.

Moving to UK from Dubai
Moving from Dubai
Moving to UK from Dubai
Moving from Dubai