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Checklist for Movers

4 to 6 weeks before moving out

  • Create a folder with all the paperwork related to your move
  • Plan on how you’re planning to move. Choose the one that makes your move hassle-free
  • Receive quotes from moving companies
  • Compare different moving companies
  • Arrange the objects that you are planning to move - vehicles, pets, plants and valuable objects
  • Plan how to arrange place the objects in the new location
  • Discard objects that you do not require

2 to 4 weeks before moving out

  • Confirm your dates and other schedules with your selected mover
  • Start packing up items that will not be essential to you in the weeks approaching your move
  • Do not forget to label your boxes
  • Be careful with your valuable items
  • Do remember to transfer your bank or change your branch
  • If you are moving your vehicle, take it to service beforehand

1 to 5 days before

  • Do not forget to reserve your parking space for the vans of the moving companies
  • Start disassembling your furniture
  • Be ready with all the paperwork and personal document
  • Clean the house, freezer and your refrigerator
  • Keep your toolbox nearby
  • Get rid of things that you do not use or you do not need
  • Show the mover around as to what needs to be picked first and what needs to be handled with care
  • Confirm your new location with the moving company
  • Do not forget to turn-off the power as you move out

1 to 20 days after moving in

  • If required, paint and repair the new destination
  • Check if any damage in the new place
  • If any item has been damaged during relocation, ask for refund from the company
  • Change the locks of the new place
  • Confirm your mailing address
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