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Saint Lucia

Used Household Goods and Personal Effects

Documents Required

  • Passport
  • Original bill of lading (OBL) / air waybill (AWB)
  • Letter from Ministry of Foreign Affairs (diplomats)
  • Detailed inventory in English (must include the serial numbers for all electrical devices and appliances)

Specific Information

  • A returning national is allowed to enter personal effects (used or new) on the conditions stated below:
    • A returning national is a Saint Lucian who has lived abroad continuously for a minimum of 10 years.
  • Bicycles are subject to the payment of duties.
  • Items may be imported duty free if the following conditions are met:
    • They have been in the owner of the goods’ use and possession for more than 12 months.
    • They are not intended for sale or exchange.
    • They are imported within 3 months of the owner of the goods’ arrival.
    • The owner of the goods signs a declaration in the presence of a Custom’s officer.
  • A 6% Customs service charge is payable on all imports except those of diplomats and other exempted owners of the goods. 

Motor Vehicles

Documents Required

  • Title / registration
  • Purchase invoice
  • OBL

Specific Information

  • One vehicle per person or family is allowed duty and tax free if the vehicle does not exceed the cost, insurance, and freight (CIF) value of USD $30,000.00 (new) and the following conditions are met:
    • The person is a returning national accompanied by the vehicle.
    • The vehicle arrives within 3 months prior to or after the vehicle.
    • The vehicle is purchased in Saint Lucia within 3 months of a return to Saint Lucia.
    • The returning national cannot sell, exchange, or dispose of the vehicle within 3 years of importation.
  • Motor vehicles designed for use on land or in the water are subject to the payment of duties.


Documents Required

  • Vaccination record
  • Veterinary health certificate

Specific Information

  • Cats, dogs and other pets will be quarantined in the United Kingdom for 6 months prior to importation.
  • Pets must be electronically identifiable and possess a valid health certificate with rabies inoculation obtained prior to traveling.
  • All conditions must be met or the animal is subject to destruction.
    • Contact the destination for specific requirements.

Restricted/Dutiable Items

  • New furniture and household goods (an original signed commercial invoice is required and subject to duties)
  • Arms, ammunition and dangerous goods (require a permit from the Commissioner of Police and are subject to duties)
  • Precious metal objects (e.g., jewelry, coins, etc. are subject to duties unless they are part of the household goods shipment)
  • Alcohol (40 ounces of whiskey, rum and vodka are permitted)
  • Tins and food (are subject to duties)
  • Gifts and souvenirs (are subject to duties)
  • Plants (a Phytosanitary Certificate is required)
  • Wedding trousseaux (is subject to duties)
  • Inheritances (is subject to duties)
  • Machines, appliances, and spare parts (are subject to duties)

Prohibited Items

  • Medicines, narcotics, drugs and paraphernalia
  • Pornography
  • Items of the occult, black magic, witchcraft or other similar items
  • Products made from endangered species as outlined by CITES
  • Counterfeit items

Consignment Instructions

Recommended:  Contact the destination agent to ensure all requirements have been met prior to import, especially for differences regarding air / sea shipments.

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Movguru note: These policies can change as per customs regulations at any time without notice. Treat this document as informative guide. Movguru has published this document as guide only for information purpose on its sole discretion and holds no depiction of expressing or inferred to the precision or applicability of its content.
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